What is Fire Alarm Testing?
The British Standard for the maintenance of Fire Detection and Fire Alarms is BS 5839-1:2002. To ensure that you are compliant with these standards, our expert engineers test all components of your fire system, including:

Manual call point functionality
Smoke/heat detectors
Bells & sounders
Smoke detectors
Break glass units
Main panel

Is Fire Alarm Testing a legal requirement?
Yes, by law all workplace premises have to have a fire alarm system and keep it maintained. Penalties for failing to comply can include a fine of up to £5,000, which is just classed as a minor fine. A Major penalty has an unlimited fine amount and even a prison sentence, of up to two years.

Are there any benefits to Fire Alarm Testing?
A working fire alarm can be the difference between life or death. It’s a simple as that. Even if it doesn’t get to that level of seriousness, there is still the legal implications of failing to keep your fire alarm system regularly maintained, which can be very severe.

Do large penalities for failing to comply with the law get applied?
In a word, yes. In 2009, a clothing store got hit with a record £400,000 fine for a fire at one of their stores in London. Jail sentences do get applied as well, as a hotelier found out after being jailed for 8 months after failing to comply with the law. In the same case, the Fire Risk Assessor who carried out assessments at the hotel was also jailed, for failing to report the deficiencies in the standards at the hotel. Therefore, it is not just businesses that need to make sure they are compliant.